We're sure y'all heard the big rumor out there that the Giants might trade either The Enchanter or Matt Cain to the Blue Jays for Alex Rios. This morning it was Timmy but now SFGate is saying it's Cain. Either way, our opinion is this-- hell to the noes.

Here's the thing-- Alex Rios is a really good player (.297 average, 24 homers, 85 RBIs, 114 runs scored and 17 stolen bases), he's young (27), and relatively cheap. The problem is that he's merely a really good player while Lincecum and/or Cain have the potential to be really great players. In other words, it's not really a fair trade. Put it another way: while somebody on the Giants has to hit over .250, Rios isn't really going to help the team that much. The end result is that the only thing the Giants will accomplish is taking a really bad offense and making it just bad while taking a potentially amazingly good pitching staff and making it just a good pitching staff. Remember too, they still sucked last year despite having Barry. Rios isn't quite Barry

This doesn't mean we're predisposed to trading either Tim or Matt. Desperate times call for desperate measures and if there's ever a time for desperate baseball measures, it's now. The only trade we'd go for, however, is one in which the Giants get more than just one player but more like a handful of players. Like putting together some sort of package to get something like the Marlins pulled off. This team needs more than one bat; it needs a whole lot of bats. If they can swing a trade for either pitcher, it better be for enough players to turn the team around. Alex Rios ain't gonna turn anything around.

And we ain't the only ones who think so.

Besides, Cain's our favorite player and if he goes, we're going to be PISSED.