Audet & Partners, LLP filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of commercial fishers and crab-based (?) businesses in San Francisco on November 20. Today on their site they claim the following, "Breaking News: Cosco Busan Vessel Arrested." Which? Okay then. We have yet to see footage of the vessel getting cuffed by the fuzz with its shirt off, and we can't imagine it heard its Miranda rights being read, but seeing as how we're prone to hyperbole, we'll go with their verb choice. Anyway, you can read more about it here on the law firm's disgustingly .pdf-happy site.

Ultimately, it seems that this is one of two reasons why the ship has yet to leave the Bay. (The first being that the Coast Guard isn't sure if the Busan can safely navigate out of San Francisco waters.) We've been checking BoatingSF for the last few days, wondering why the Cosco has been docked near China Basin for the last couple of weeks. And now we know. So...there you go.