Full given name: Donald Patrick Miggs

Hometown: Home, hometown? Bay Shore, NY. I have a home in beautiful Montclair/Oakland I'm selling but now I live in Malibu and Tampa.

Relationship status: Incredibly happily married to Lisa DeBartolo (yes, daughter of THAT DeBartolo)

MAC or PC? MAC all the way.

Favorite post-show meal: Usually, something with chocolate.

Pre-show rituals:
Corny vocal warm-ups that the band laughs at me for.

Worst onstage mishap: We've done over 70 shows since July alone; we get plenty of mishaps. In Arizona, we had cops come in and stop us mid-song to question people about a domestic disturbance that took place outside of the venue! I've fallen over monitors, which doesn't make me look too cool and we just had the power go out in front of a large audience. So I grabbed an acoustic and went into the crowd and sang "American Girl" by Tom Petty with Brian Totten (drummer) on shakers. My Dad always taught me to be prepared for anything!

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