Vallejo's too-close-to-call mayoral race -- endlessly touted as the gay man vs. black man showdown of the century -- has gotten a little more interesting. And a little drunk. Actually, a lot drunk.

On Sunday morning Gary Cloutier, 45, (the gay one!) spent several hours in jail after being arrested for (alleged) public intoxication in Palm Springs, CA. But he didn't just have a few sips of an appletini. It seems that the mayor wannabe was "staggering and could barely stand," according to CBS 5, after cops found him in his car, freshly sloshed after leaving a Palm Springs bar. (And it's not even White Party season!)

Cloutier and Osby Davis (the black one!) finished the ballot count in a tie vote so far. Since the election, officials have been counting absentee and provisional ballots to crown a winner. According to the Vallejo Times Herald, "as of Friday, Cloutier had been ahead by 52 votes with about 400 provisional ballots from Vallejo yet to be counted. Election officials said Friday they hoped to have those ballots counted by Monday." It looks like Gary jumped the gun a bit with some celebratory alcohol poisoning.

So far there's been no comment from Davis, though we're sure he's a wee bit giddy on this cold Monday morning.