While it's no new thing for rock bands to come out with their own movies, they've definitely gotten more dramatic. Two films (that couldn't be on more opposite ends of the cinematic concert-film spectrum, if you ask us) are showing in the next two weeks: Sigur Rós' Heima (Icelandic for "Home" or "Homeland") and Daft Punk's Electroma. While Heima is more your traditional rockumentary (see band play. See band play in nice locations.), Electroma is about (according to imdb) "the history of two robots, the members of Daft Punk, on their quest to become human." Well then.

Heima is worth seeing if you are into the unusual and heroin-y sounds of Sigur Rós, or have ever had the urge to go to Iceland. The beautiful cinematography of the movie definitely makes you feel like you're there. (Well, we can only assume that a Rós score is piped into terrain of Iceland, of course.) Tonight, free with RSVP at Mezzanine, you can catch Heima while drinking a few beers and dancing interpretively to Sigur Rós. (Actually, we're kidding. Please don't do that. Interpretive dance, that is.)