Well, he does not care for our image, but still: same thing.

Well, we went to this last Saturday's open casting call for Gus Van Sant's latest project, Milk. (Based off of the life of former San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk, etc. etc...you know the story -- well, at least you should.) It was our first-ever open casting call, in fact. We were nervous. And totally unprepared.

When we arrived on the scene, all of the other cows had a handsome headshot with them and owned bragging rights to envious bit parts on their thespionic resumes. (Impressive showboating from guys claiming "I had a scene with Will Smith's kid" and "I just got a speaking part in Saw IV" littered the Sanchez School where the call took place.) We waited in the middle school hallway until escorted in a single-file line into an auditorium to fill out paper work and have our picture taken. Wee. But the only interesting thing to note was that Gus Van Sant was there, sneakers and all! We almost got a shot of him for you all, but after we took two innocent pictures with our phone -- the stupid shutter sound on our stupid BlackBerry will not mute -- we were asked to put it away. Nicely. Sort of.