We'd like to thank the Golden State Warriors for winning twice this weekend and thus ending the month and a half long losing streak by the local teams.

And now, onto the carnage...

Rams 13 49ers 9- Let’s discuss the final three or so minutes, shall we? Down by 7 with only minutes left, the Niners had first down on the Rams 28 yard line and so the Niners Brain Trust decide to throw for the end zone three times in a row instead of a first down. Then there’s the big one-- Nolan’s decision to not go for it on a 4th and ten and go for a field goal instead. We actually gasped out loud when it happened. Of course, Nolan's decision almost worked except for one thing-- the receivers can't catch the ball. Still, the great debate rages on-- was Nolan wise in what he did or is it a further sign that everyone on the 49er masthead needs to be thrown out on their patootie? The only mildly entertaining thing in this excruciatingly boring game was listening to the awful announcers talk about what a great game it was.

Vikings 29 Raiders 22- Oy, where do we even begin with this game? This somehow entertaining game between two awful teams with awful coaching went down to the final minutes where, of course, the Raiders just blew. We missed it, but how the hell did the Raiders blow all three time outs before the final three minutes of the game? The whole time management in the final minutes, in fact, was AWFUL. Anyways, what is the worst indictment of the Badness of the Raiders-- giving up 164 yards to Vikings' running back Not Adrian Peterson or having a false start called on a frackin' spike play with about ten seconds left in the game? No team falls apart like the Raiders do and once again, the Raiders are falling apart in spectacular fashion.