The sands of Marin and San Mateo have officially reopened to the public. (We recommend hitting the beach in the fall. There's something luxurious about walking on the beach, bundled up in winter clothing.) What's more, 50 wild birds have been cleaned up and released at Pillar Point Yacht Harbor at Half Moon Bay. But what's worse, "the spill has cost the U.S. government $1.4 million, money spent on operations by the Coast Guard, National Park Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration." Alas.

Also, while other areas are opening, Angel Island remains an area of concern due to its rocky and jagged shoreline geography. This, of course, makes clean up much more difficult.

In other oil spill news, contrary to what Cosco Busan crewmembers told authorities, federal investigators have yet to uncover any evidence of radar malfunction. A tissue of lies! Also, as we mentioned earlier, Newsom defended his weekend island getaway. Hang ten, dude. Hang ten.

image credit: AP file photo