But this was the scene less than 10 miles (as the un-oiled crow flies) to the north at San Francisco's Ocean Beach. These people appear to be the trained crewmembers who are getting paid for picking up remnants of the spilled bunker fuel.

Some people who volunteered themselves to help are a little pissed off about being turned away. state that the Heavens Will Fall if anyone with 39.9 hours or less in hazardous materials training attempts to go out on a beach to lend a gloved hand. The Cranky Buddhist is somewhat $uspicious of all this.

(Of course the gasoline people pump into their cars also can be a "hazardous material", so some states ban motorists from pumping their own gas. All depends on how you look at it.)

At least a few people are organizing (possibly dangerous, probably illegal, and definitely) unofficial cleanups for today anyway.

Stay safe out there!

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