Seeing as how we don't drive an automobile in San Francisco because people in the Bay Area drive like crap because we want to keep the planet minty green, we don't feel the pinch as much as others do. About what, you ask? Well, gas prices, it seems, are going through the roof! (The only thing that concerns us about gasoline is its odor, which we love.)

But before you get all "like, ride a bus, why don't you?", many folk who work in San Francisco have to use a car to get to our precious little mecca. (You know, those who have to listen to you bitch about how they drive the 38-Geary; the people you speak Spanish to at the grocery stores on 24th Street, even though Rosa was born and raised here in the Bay Area; the people SF transplants tend to fetishize; etc.) As ideal (and homogeneous) as it would be for all of us to be waiting in line together at Rainbow Grocery, using our recyclable bag to carry home our raw food, it's just not gong to happen.

That said, it seems that the price of gas is going up astronomically. So much so that it's gone over the $4-mark here in SF. Something, we hear, about crude oil and $100 a barrels -- the segments we zone out on while watching The Daily Show. Anyway, aren't we just around the corner from driving around in spacecars that run on dandruff, or whatever? Anyone feeling the pinch?