The typically chatty Gavin Newsom spoke for less than 15 minutes last night, declaring a mayoral victory at last night's party at the Ferry Building. He stood alongside his father and gal-pal Jennifer Siebel (who presumably had to be talked out performing a stirring act-II-opening rendition of "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina," which, really, would have been rad.)

According to the Chronicle he said, "To my critics, this is an opportunity, and in some ways a reconciliation...I commit to working with you for the next four years, and I commit to resolving those areas where you still believe we can do better."

Sounds good to us. Also, when the polls closed, just over 48,000 of the ballots had been counted, and 77 percent of them went to Newsom. a lot. But when the ballots are all counted five or eight years from now, we'll see what the actual tally is.

More on last night's election later.

image credit: the genius that is Steve Rhodes