So now that the evil Pats vanquished the noble Colts, we guess all we've got left to wonder about is seeing if the Pats could pull off the 19-0 and how long it'll be before somebody takes a whack at Tom Brady for running up the score.

Falcons 20 49ers 16 True story-- we were helping a coworker pick games and he wanted to go with the Falcons. We, however, talked him out of it by pointing out that the Falcons were a doomed, ill-fated, self-destructing team with Joey Harrington as the starting Quarterback. There was no way the Niners could be that bad. They are. The Niners lost their sixth in a row as they basically stunk up the joint. Smith threw for three interceptions and fumbled once and the D let the Falcons have their first 100 yard rusher of the season. As a lot of people are pointing out, the Niners could easily be 0-8 right now and are bottom feeding the NFL along with the God-awful Rams, Dolphins, Jets, and can now be said to be worse than the Falcons. On the radio, it sounds like the Faithful are about to storm the gates of Castle Nolan and demand his head for the Erickson-like debacle that this season has become.

Texans 24 Raiders 17- In a game nobody in the area wanted to see and in front of a surly crowd that spent most of the game booing the QB, the Raiders once again rallied from a lifeless first half to make a game of it in the second half. Bully for them. On the other hand, they were playing the Texans who beat them with Sage Rosenfels at QB and Ron Dayne at RB. The good news for Raiders fans is that this loss puts them that much farther from the playoffs and that much closer to the Coming of JaMarcus. Sometimes it’s the small things in life.