Jazz 117 Warriors 96- Overture/curtain, lights/This is it, the night of nights/No more rehearsing and hearsing our parts/We know every part by heart/Overture, curtain, lights /This is it, we'll hit the heights/And oh what heights we'll hit /On with the show this is it

The Warriors pretty much started their season right where they left off at the end of last season, stymied by the Jazz and their inside game. Carlos Boozer had 32 points and 15 rebounds as the misnamed team from Utah outrebounded the Ws 56-37. Now, opening games get hyped way beyond measure and so we'll refrain from analyzing it any sort of way. We'll just say that one thing to look for is that Stephen Jackson is out for seven games serving a suspension for firing off a gun in front of a strip club (what is it with athletes and strip clubs?) Unfortunately, five of those seven games are against teams that won over 50 games last year so the Warriors could be off to a rough start.

-According to the Chron, it's looking like Sunday's Raiders game won't be a sell-out, which means we won't have to spend Sunday in a sports bar watching the Colts/Pats game but can spend it like we want to-- on our couch watching the Colts/Pats game. Now, none of this is official yet as the Raiders, as per usual, are being kind of sly, but the word is going out to all the local affiliates (who are probably praying for a blackout too) that the Raiders game ain't happening on TV. Whether or not there will be a game will be determined Thursday by 1:15. Unfortunately, our guess is Al has something up his sleeve just to spite us all.