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Download: "War Torn" and "Maybe Tonight"

2. Graham Colton - Here Right Now: Produced by John Fields (Switchfoot, Rooney) Here Right Now, Graham Colton's second label release, is filled with familiar guitar-driven rock songs (though they have added keyboards since their last release) that sound familiar to Goo Goo Dolls, Switchfoot, Gin Blossoms and several other rock bands.

"Best Days," the first single, wants to be the next "High School Graduation" song. The cliché lyrics proves our point: "So I say let's make the best of tonight. Here comes the rest of our lives." The melody is somewhat reminiscent of Green Day's "Good Riddance" while the chord structure is oddly familiar with Edwin McCain's "I'll Be." (Trust me - I belted "I'll Be" over the chorus and it works perfectly.) Now, we wonder if this is bad? We answer, no. Clearly, Graham Colton (who wrote every song) has found the recipe of a good song and continually uses it. There are even several catchy love anthems declaring "I'm always in love with you" or "Can't get you out of my mind...You're in my telescope." (The telescope metaphor is a definite first - a bit creepy.)

He's found the formula - he's sticking to it - and we predict he'll even be successful at it. If you are into the aforementioned bands, then check him out, you'll find something similar and refreshing. He'll be in San Francisco on 11/8 at Swedish American Music Hall with Vanessa Carlton.
Download: "Best Days" and "If Love Was Enough"

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