After a 10-month protest atop an oak grove next to Memorial Stadium, a judge ruled on Monday that UC Berkeley can now start removing up-in-a-tree protesters, as well as their ground support, even if police can't identify the protesters by name.

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Richard Keller amended his ruling from a month ago. At that time, his decree gave authorities the power to strip the environmental activists off of the UC-owned land, but only if they could identify the protesters by name.

According to the Chronicle
, only one protester could be identified "David Galloway, 36, because the other dozen sitters wear masks and would not give their real names." And now? The students and activists protesting a proposed sports training facility in the place of the grand old oak are all fair game.

But the university (wisely) will take its time to proceed with any forcible action. UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof also claims that "this ruling means it's all but impossible for reasonable people to see this protest as something benign."

Image: George Derk / Daily Cal