Well, this is interesting.

Today we received a (rightfully) irritated press release from Tom Radulovich, District 9 BART Director (co-signed by Chris Daly). It seems that he wasn't involved in the decision to go ahead and close BART on Halloween night. Which? Is bizarre and inappropriate considering, well, he's an elected District 9 BART Director.

The missive, which is long and available for your viewing pleasure below (and continues on after the jump), reads at the very end, "as the elected representatives of the 16th and Mission community, we call on BART to reverse its decision and agree to keep the station open on Halloween night." Oh my, is right.

And while we agree that closing BART on Halloween night is a bit...off, we wonder what they plan on doing about it? Other than sending out an angry press release about it.

On Friday, BART announced its intention to close its 16th Street Mission Station at 8pm on Halloween Night, October 31. BART management not only made the wrong decision, but they made it in the wrong way.

Transit riders have been unfairly singled out in the city's War on Halloween, and BART's proposed closure is an insult to the community who relies on 16th Street Mission Station. People and businesses that depend on BART and MUNI will have their mobility compromised by this campaign to suppress the Halloween celebration in the Castro, although automobile access will not be similarly curtailed. This discriminatory policy falsely targets transit riders as the "problem". Reduced transit access on Halloween night will unduly burden the thousands of San Franciscans who want to enjoy Halloween responsibly, as well as people who may want nothing to do with Halloween, but are just trying to get home to their families. The effects of this closure will fall most heavily on the least mobile -- seniors, people with disabilities, and parents with small children, and no thought has been given to their mobility needs.