We went to see The Magic Flute for Family on Saturday. Namely, we went to see Honey, I Shrunk the Opera. From 3h15, it got reduced to a lively 2 hours. And it got translated too, because there aren’t too many kids ages six and over who speak German around here.

Looking for something to illustrate this post, we found this YouTube clip below: an excerpt of the current run of The Magic Flute. It’s pure genius! The opera should be posting clips like this of their productions for us to tease you with! This is what you’ll hear and see at The Magic Flute. Aren't you intrigued? Doesn’t it look amazing? Don't you want to go? More importantly, how come we couldn't find a clip for Appomattox or Samson? (This does not count; neither do the simulcast recordings at the ballpark). The opera should be posting good quality clips themselves, not waiting for some bootlegged versions to show up.