Someone put this man out of his misery. This is just...sad.

It seems that NBC 11 caught Bill O'Reilly's film crew taking in the (non)X-rated partying that went on at last Saturday's Erotic Exotic Ball. This week he'll devoted an entire segment to the annual "sexy" Halloween fete, and even have the ball’s founder, Perry Mann, on as a guest.

San Francisco has angered conservatives around nation over the last couple of months. Such antics as giving Communion to the wrong kind, failed Blue Angels banning, The Last Supper parodying, and breathing, have helped O'Reilly set his old-man lasers on SF now more than ever before. Clearly, hate for little old us is ratings gold over at The O'Reilly Factor.

But the Erotic Exotic Ball, Bill? Really? The ball is pretty tame compared to other events here in SF that you can sink your fangs into. With all due respect to its founder, the Erotic Exotic Ball is a mere powder puff of an event. It's a Halloween party where women wear boas and pink furry cowboy hats. It's an event where couples still use the pimp-ho theme as a basis for costumes. For God's sake, it's a bash where people still insist on dressing up as pirates.

But leave it to Bill O'Reilly to be five steps behind the world at large. Go get 'em, tiger.

Image: NBC11