Who knew?

According to the Scarborough Research -- an institute that measures the lifestyles, shopping patterns, media behaviors, and demographics of unholy, evil American consumers -- San Francisco was ranked as one of the top markets for people who read or contribute to blogs. Yay. And, duh.

Along with other such indie- and techie-saturated cities as Austin, TX; Portland, Ore.; and Seattle, WA, what makes us a top market is due to so many youths living here, and our predilection for sporting the latest technology on our bodies. The report from Editor & Publisher goes on to say that bloggers tend to have different relationships to the Internets than the average American user.

That is to say, while your more crimson areas use l'Internet for such mundane tasks as email, shopping, online banking, and screwing in the name of Christ via eHarmony, San Francisco might use it for things like this.

See you in hell, SF and local bloggers. It promises to be quite the party down there. In our haste to ridicule others, we misunderstood this sparkling gem of an article. Apparently, WE are the ones using the Internets in such a, well, typical way. Eh, whatever. Point being: SF is tops in the blogging market. Ta-da.