Jezebel already saved us the trouble from making a horrifying, insensitive, racist, and un-Bay Area comment about never touching a black woman's hair. Ever. ("Condi Rice To Anti-War Protester: Never Mess With A Black Woman's Hair" -- read it while shaking your head, with a gentle sigh.)

It seems CODEPINK, a female-based grassroots pro-peace (and judging by the photographs, anti-conditioner) movement, recently got all up in Condoleezza Rice's face at Capitol Hill today. This protester, sporting fake-blood smeared hands, got a little too close to Condi, shouting "war criminal!" in her face before she was pushed away and snapped up by the police. Four other CODEPINK protesters were arrested.

We're not sure how she managed to get so near the diva, but well done, frayed-hair lady. Well done.