Migden, Leno, Peskin, Daly, Herrera all were on the scene at one point or another, and tempers flared. Why? Because Carole Migden stole the show (along with a hefty vote, not an official endorsement per se) at last night's Harvey Milk Club meeting. It seems that after an attempt was made to adjourn the meeting, Leno supporters asked the 100+ in attendance to "reconsider the vote at the next meeting because the current attendance was an unrepresentative sample of the club," according to BeyondChon.

Ultimately, this whole D3 election seems 100% personality-driven. Leno used to volunteer with Migden, and she got him his start by helping him get appointed to les Board of Supes. After their dramatic split, she supported the more progressive Harry Britt over Leno in 2002. And the rest? Is history. At least that's what careful whispers have told us.

But no one can do last night's scene justice like Mr. Chris Daly can. Written with lightning, he describes the night thusly.

"It would cause too much dissension in the LGBT community," Leno once told me after I encouraged him to think about running for Mayor against Newsom.


The Milk Club endorsed Quintin Mecke without too much fanfare. But tonight's showdown between Leno and Migden felt like a street brawl.