With Gavin's re-election "campaign" about to get under way, the Chron took a look at four years of the Gavster. Since Sunday was beautiful and the sports on TV plentiful, we'll give you the recap.

The story is actually a pretty good account of the last four years. Sure, it won't please the Bay Guardian types who are pissed that Gavin has yet to overthrow capitalism, but it's a far cry from earlier stories which the Chron wrote while on their knees. In it, the Chron explains Gavin's still massive popularity ratings due to the still warm-glow of the Gay marriage thing and his occasional feint to progressive issues. He's unpredictable! They give him props for his technocratic leanings, an open mind, being green, and for scrubbing down City Hall after Willie's reign. In the negative column are that he's too nice, over-promises, has a tendency to passivity, and has a thin skin. As for Gavin, he says that he's doing a good job, made some (nudge..nudge..wink..wink) mistakes, and thinks his second term will be his bestest term ever.

The story then breaks down all of the issues concerning the city and describes what's been done, what's being worked on, and what hasn't happened. After the jump, we'll sum it all up for ya.