“Eulogies are most commonly designated for those who have passed, but really they are just words of praise, and in this case they are for the living,” explains musician Peter Walker. “The name, for me, represents the saying of the unsaid, the voicing of the unexpressed, to someone you care about.”

Though familiar with their latest release, entitled Eulogies, several of their songs they played were still unfamiliar. They were still good, just unfamiliar. The song that blew us away and made everything worth it was, "If I Knew You." Reynolds played a three-note, syncopated bass-line on the drums that created tension with it's repetitive nature. At the same time, Peter Walker carefully questions, "If I knew you, would you do the same to me? Should I say good-bye again? Should I stick around?" Three questions; that's all - yet it remained powerful and the highlight.

You'll have another opportunity to check Eulogies out when they play at Hotel Utah on November 21st with San Francisco native Chris Hanson. Working with only three musicians, Eulogies showed that they were an emotional powerhouse with their creative musical riffs and streamlined vocals. We definitely only have "words of praise" for them - a perfect eulogy - this time for the living.