On this night, we invite the entire city of San Francisco to install one compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) and turn off all non-essential lighting for one hour.

No. No! We cannot condone the purchase and installation of these ugly bulbs. The glare. The harshness. The gross fluorescent-ness of these every-saving gems. SFist offices have banned these bulbs for their sheer unattractiveness. The Castro gym came close to losing its fey clientele over last year's installation of said bulbs. Why can't these so that they don't make us want to throw up and/or slice open an artery?

Anyway, we will gladly shut off our lights during the 8 p.m.-9 hour (consider our two 25-watt bulbs out of commission!), as will the Transamerica building and Bay Bridge.

And be sure to check out the party happening in Dolores Park during Lights Out, featuring DJs, string quartets, and much more.