Those who are subject to the preliminary injunction...can be arrested in the 60-square-block zone -- and face up to six months in jail -- if they engage in one of a number of restricted activities, including associating together and loitering late at night. Other banned activities include intimidating witnesses, marking graffiti and wearing the Norteño's trademark red.

Wait, they can't even wear their famous shade of crimson? Pft. Whatever. If you have the skin tone to pull off such a bold color, we say go for it. (Because we sure can't, but so totally would if we could.)

Anyway, although these court orders have made rougher neighborhoods safer, like in LA, some critics say that such orders touch upon civil rights infringement, or merely act as an ineffective Band-Aid solution to a larger problem. Still, a wee bit of the Mission just got a little bit safer. For now.