Last week's winner, the Bay Guardian. Tim Redmond says the Navy is the gayest armed services branch. Well, sure. Cars are worse than homeless people, says a letter writer. Halloween will suuuuuck. A former director of Intersection for the Arts died in a car crash. The new crackdown on homelessness, and why aren't people more upset? Cover article: Our pals at SwapSF make the cover! About the whole freetail trend! Yay SwapSF! (and other freegans!) Annalee Newitz loves to IM. This Woggles concert sounds like fun ("I go to a lot of shows where dudes in hoodies stand around, solemnly head-bobbing with their hands in their pockets" -- but the Woggles won't be one of those!) Okay, the band name Eat Skull caught our attention. Damon and Naomi are coming to town. Is a Chinese restaurant filled with non-white people really better than the other option? And L.E. Leone wishes she were an alcoholic.

Next up, let's make it the East Bay Express. A bunch of people angry about an article about the Oakland Director of Public Safety! Was it okay for a Merc News reporter to buy the domain name and write a bunch of angry emails about the Oakland mayor? A right versus left fight at Cal. Cover: why's a rich SoCal guy want to keep the Oakland School District under state control? (Also -- are Robert Gannon and Rachel Swan writing at the EBX now?) Stoner alert! They're going to play Holst's The Planets to a light show! Living Word Fest this weekend. Eating at the I-House in Berkeley. And the entertaining-sounding Gore Gore Girls.

After the jump: The SF Weekly and the SJ Metro, along with the Weekly of the Week and the YTD count.