dueling press conferences and memo-leakage, the Homeless issue is becoming the Issue du Jour, leading to a full-fledged reporter dogpile. First came CW Nevius who weighed in with yet another story on the issue, this time saying that even in liberal, tolerant, San Francisco, residents might not be feeling so liberal and tolerant when it comes to dealing with the homeless. As evidence, he points to one of those online polls SFGate ran about the issue in which 90% of the people said they wanted something to be done. We, as a rule, hate those "polls" because it's actual scientific value is nil as it's all determined by people who were motivated enough to play along and doesn’t factor in those who were too lazy to.

In response, Steven T. Jones wrote about the column on the Bay Guardian's blog. In the posting, Jones compares Nevius to Ken Garcia and also says that Nevius is wrong to say San Franciscans are not so down with the homeless. He then accuses the Chron, and Nevius, of trying to stir things up to play to all the suburbanites out there as they are the only ones who hate the homeless, not local residents, and yadda...yadda...yadda... Spanish American War. Steven then posts the email back-and-forth he had between him and Chuck which is kind of interesting if slightly cringe-worthy in the same way as the Bill Maher show on HBO is. Not to be outdone on the fun, Garcia himself joined in with a column about homelessness, mainly to use it as an attempt to slam Chris Daly.

We're sure SFist Rita will detail all of this in We Read the Weeklies but this week's Bay Guardian seems to be the "Homeless Issue," which is just like Rolling Stone's Hot Issue except without Kid Rock on the cover and fun story about The Office inside (editor's note: more Toby). In the issue, the SFBG weighs in the recent fracas with an editorial and a lengthy story about how much all of these "Quality of Life" citations are costing the city.