Over a week has passed, well enough time for your teeth to stop grinding and jaws to stop aching, so we present to you in your sober state, zombietime's Folsom Street Fair 2007 photos. (Go here and here for its unabridged glory.)

Many who fear him/her/it -- that is to say, loathe media as a civic institution -- cry out for zombietime's head on a platter, because there's ample room for disagreement. Such pearls as "[r]eliable impartial statistics on this topic are simply impossible to come by" regarding homosexual reprogramming (the American Psychological Association has loads of research on the futility of reprogramming), or that participants going to the fair "are agreeing to be 'visually raped'" (not much of a rape if it's consensual), turn heads but also make zombietime so much fun and such a fascinating read.

Only your choice anti-homosexual or authentic shit-stirring sites will get the photos you desire, minus shots of local politicos and personalities with smiles and leather chaps painted on. And now, behold the NSFW-ness after the jump.