We hear from our Safeway mole, that things did not stop there.

As you may as well already know, the Safeway crusade of the month is breast cancer research. (For those heavy-drinking ladies out there – score!) Safeway stores are festooned with pink balloons and pink credit-card-swiper cozies. How pretty.

As plans were being made a few weeks ago to launch this most recent Sex and the City breast cancer-themed drive, the district manager informed store managers that it is a job requirement for all Safeway employees to ask for donations. According to our insider, this is absolutely untrue.

The district manager also informed store managers about what they can do with the donations. “Huminna-wha?” you might ask. Aren’t all proceeds supposed to go to the charity? Apparently not. Store managers, at their own discretion, are allowed and encouraged to take donations and invest them back into Safeway if they feel it will result in additional revenue.

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