Each Tuesday we will feature new music that should (or whatever) be on your radar.

2. Marjorie de Muynck - In The Key of Earth:
Within four epic musical movements named: Pulse, Light, Ancient Aquifer and Breath, Marjorie de Muynck explores the very essence of sound. She finds a very deep connection to our planet that so many are desperately trying to find. Through overtones and harmonics, de Muynck creates a cacophony of sounds that creates a bridge between sound and music. "In the Key of Earth" is not intended to "disembody" but rather to "ground and relax the listener through resonance with the Earth using Ohm, a scientifically based and spiritually upheld sound healing frequency." There is something deeply spiritual when reconnecting ourselves to the Earth, something that de Muynck allows us to do with each listen.
Download: The entire CD - it's only four tracks.

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