We were alerted to an alternative-alternative picnic happening at the Folsom Street Fair via the Finch Mob, a terrifying local gang of drug addicts. Apparently some folks are going to dress up , and plop themselves down to have a fancy-dress afternoon tea party. Will there be any recreation of famous religious paintings at this little cotillion?

We ourselves have been known to organize fancy-dress tea parties in unlikely locales, but staging a blatant display of decorum and modesty -- in public, no less! Where our children can see! -- takes the whole overdressed thing to an enticing new level. "VERY CONSERVATIVE," the organizer describes the affair, which we hope is no idle threat.

We can't wait for the next time that some conservative talk show whips out photos of debauchery and hedonism at the Folsom Street Fair, attempting to prove that SF is the nexus of western civ's decline; because then we can retort "but what about THESE" and brandish some photos of a Very Decent Afternoon Tea.

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