It's on! Gavin Newsom's finally pulled the trigger (.pdf), and Ed Jew is out (at least for now). What odds do you have on poor beleagued Ed Jew lawyer Steven Gruel filing a request for reinstatement with the federal court later today? Being Ed Jew's lawyer has to be the worst job ever, except possibly being a nanny for Britney Spears.

Here's the tidbits we have from today's news coverage:

--Even Ed Jew's process server with the misconduct papers couldn't find him for about a day and a half.

--New District 4 supe Carmen Chu does indeed live in the Sunset, with a boyfriend and a dog.

--Chris Daly is convinced this is all a big board-packing scheme by Newsom; Alioto-Pier says let's not rush to judgment. Hey, did anyone ever figure out where she lives?

--The last elected official in SF to get investigated by the ethics commission for misconduct was a PD in the 1930s, who hired two former clients to off a woman who'd left him her estate in her will.

--The comment on SFGate that "so if Ed Jew's jailed in SF, will that make him a resident?" was pretty funny.