Raiders 26 Browns 24- Last week, the only thing the Boy Wonder could do as Mike Shanahan called that last second timeout during Sebastian Janikowski's first attempt at a game winning field call was to shake his fist and yell out to Shanahan, "don't tase me, bro." Quick learner that he is, the Boy Wonder pulled the very same rabbit out of his hat and tased the Browns. As the Brown's Phil Dawson kicked what he thought was the game winning field goal, a time out was called at the snap nullifying the field goal. So Dawson tried to kick it again but the Raiders rose to the occasion and blocked the kick. Game, set, and match. It's the Raiders first win in the past eleven games and they also have to have the satisfaction in knowing they beat a team they lost to last a year. Also of interest, the first appearance of the fan's choice of QB, Daunte Culpepper who replaced Josh McNown at the end of the first half to a round of cheers. He was pretty much just allright.

Steelers 37 49ers 16- You know, if you were to predict the score for this game, this is pretty much what you'd expect. Well, it was and it wasn't. The Steelers D shut down the 49ers anemic offense, especially Frank Gore, but the Niners were a little feister than you'd imagine. The game was pretty close until the third quarter when the Steely McBeam's pulled away, something trigged in part by a probably incorrect call on a Vernon Davis catch. And while Willie Parker did what Willie Parker does, Big Ben didn't wasn't all that big as the 49ers D, especially new stud Nate Clements managed to contain him. Sometimes it's the small victories in life.