You know we usually try to hoard up all the crime-type news for the Tuesday and Friday blotters, but there was enough vaguely unsettling news this weekend to warrant a post a little early, we thought. To wit:

--Fernando Gonzalez, an 18-year-old Redwood City man, died after he fell into a vat of sulfuric acid. Gonzalez was working the early-morning shift at Coastal Circuits Factory this weekend, without a protective face mask, when he appeared to be overcome by fumes and fell into the vat, which was filled about waist-high with the acid. Even more gruesomely, his body was discovered by his father, who went to the factory after his son failed to come home.

--And there were five assaults/shootings/stabbings over the weekend in San Francisco (none fatal), one at Church and Market, one in the Tenderloin, two near Mission Terrace and one in Visitacion Valley. On top of that, there were two murders in Berkeley (3rd and 4th for the year) and one murder in Mountain View (2nd for the year). (Also, one in San Jose and one in Oakland.)