After reading her porn-for-women article in O Magazine, a clearly horny Tyra Banks invited former SFist contributor Violet Blue to be a panelist on the Tyra Banks Show (think the Oprah Winfrey Show, but unwatchable) to chat about porn for women. Although a rich and thoughtful tet-a-tet was not to had during filming, thanks to the titular host, Violet did learn what some have already known but dared not to whisper: Tyra Banks is insane.

Apparently, she's crazier than most of us thought. La Banks demanded such absurdity as Violet covering up her tattoos (which she refused to do), having Violet's answers pre-written for her by her staff (really, Tyra?), and much more.

Watch and listen to Violet's brilliant yet horrifying tale here. Read about it here.

Image: Tiny Nibbles