Next up, the Bay Guardian: You know we love Tim Redmond, but we had kind of a hard time following his non-market-based argument about the SF housing market. Can't we get the Freakonomics guys to look into that? It's too bad we didn't get his argument, though -- because it's the all-housing issue. Chris Daly on the shaky legality of Newsom's requested resignations: "I've done some unorthodox political manuevers, but every time there were city attorneys circling." We bet there were! There's probably someone in the city attorney's office whose sole job is to circle Chris Daly! Next: space vampires! LCD Soundsystem is playing with Arcade Fire. Marke B strikes a blow against bad gay hair, and for the cute boys of the East Bay (and Gunther too!). Sweeney Todd! Circus arts against Bush's bad legal policies. And Cheryl Eddy went to the Toronto Film Fest.

After the jump: the East Bay Express, the San Jose Metro, and the Weekly of the Week! Also, your YTD count of winners.