Abandoned kids, wannabe models, sitcom groaners, socialite teens, and a screaming Brit. It must be Wednesday!

Firstly, we have CBS's "Kid Nation," at 8 p.m., in which a bunch of kids are thrown into a western ghost town and forced to drink bleach. Or something. Shockingly, the notion that children were put into harm's way for the sake of a reality television program has raised the ire of local officials and some of the kids' parents. The same parents who signed waivers stating that CBS would not be held liable if their kid were to get pregnant, catch a venereal disease, or DIE while working on the show. Who cares if your kid comes home with herpes? Or dead? They'll be on national TV! Alas, this ridiculousness is another reality show that won't be getting the locals treatment as apparently there were no Bay Area stage moms or dads who were willing to hand over their kids to a dangerous TV show, (or at least none whose kids were actually picked for it).

If you prefer your reality fare more "Blam! Blam!" and "fierce," then tune in to the CW at 8 p.m. for the season premiere of "America's Next Top Model." We're totally bummed that there are no San Francisco gals this season, but we'll still be watching. The show is moving back to New York this time, which is good. L.A. just never seemed to have the same "high fashion" feel as New York. Or maybe it's just been the low-fashion selection of girls of late. Also, apparently Tyra lost a bunch of weight after telling all those people who were calling her fat that they could kiss her FAT ASS. You go girl! Go on with your wishy washy self!