This Saturday at the San Francisco Embarcadero Hyatt Regency from noon-4 p.m., you can join KGO Radio and the Mendocino Wine Growers Foundation in celebration of the wines and other good stuff from Mendocino County. The event, called "Wine By The Bay 2007,", is $35 if you buy your ticket now; it'll be ten buck more ($45) at the door.

What's exciting to us is that Friend of SFist, Destination Dinners' Lisa Diamond, is scheduled to be interviewed by KGO's Gene Burns during the event for his "Dining Around" program, a show about food and drink that centers on the Bay Area. If you aren't familiar with Burns, he also hosts a great "issues of the day"-style radio show M-F evenings on KGO and has one of the greatest "radio voices" we've ever heard.

Lisa Diamond will be introducing her dinner kits to a wide audience, so if you were ever inclined to check them out, now might be a good time -- we suspect she'll be busy filling more orders than ever after the show airs. She's recently introduced a Jamaican jerk chicken w/shrimp kit, and we're sure she'll share other developments with Mr. Burns.

In any case, if you attend the event you'll enjoy food from some of San Francisco's best restaurants and 200+ wines from more then 45 wineries.. Proceeds benefit two very good causes:
-- CUESA, which seeks to promote a sustainable
food system through the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and associated educational programs; and
-- Friends of the Children, which provides mentoring to high-risk children.

Ah, consumption you can feel good about.