Wired Magazine has an interesting feature piece on what we believe to be one of those "only in San Francisco" kinda businesses: a mechanic who not only specializes in hybrids, but attempts to run a green garage. We'll quote from Luscious Garage's Web site to give you the premise:

Imagine a garage with the qualities of your hybrid: one that’s intelligent, cutting-edge, and environmentally responsible. Then make it luscious: a beautiful facility, woman-owned and operated, conveniently located in downtown San Francisco. Introducing Luscious Garage. We pay equal attention to you, your car, and the environment.

Owner Carolyn Coquillette, in the Wired piece, says, "there's a critical mass of hybrids in the Bay Area, enough to support a shop like this," and we believe it, even though we don't know anything about cars (being non-mechanical and pedestrians to boot). However, we sometimes know funny when we see it, and we thought this quote of Carolyn's from her blog was priceless:

Half of those miles were spent cruising the streets of SOMA, trying to go as slowly as possible without eliciting honks. (I find that it’s easy to pass as well-meaning but distracted in a Prius)

A good sense of humor, a commitment to the environment, and an idea that can help others with the same. Sounds like a decent formula for success.

(Oh, and there's a pending Grand Opening event on Saturday; ("The Evite is out but everyone is welcome" she says), click through for details. )