Dave Eggers, well-known author and tutoring activist via 826 Valencia and its affiliates, has been awarded a grant from the Heinz Family Foundation. $250,000 smackers.

Eggers, who had never heard of the award before winning it, said he'd split it evenly among the seven 826 writing centers.

Somebody who prepared a statement attributed to the foundation's chairperson, Teresa Heinz (hmm, what happened to the "Kerry"?), wrote "Dave Eggers is not only an accomplished and versatile man of letters but the protagonist of a real-life story of generosity and inspiration."


While we can't bestow $250,000 on you, we're glad McSweeney's has seemed to right itself, and we were psyched to attend the 826 Anniversary fundraiser event in the Mission a few weeks ago.

We salute you, Mr. Eggers, and the local treasures you've established here and elsewhere.