Man, what a day for us to get swamped at our day job! We missed the Ed Jew plea bargain, the resignation requests in the mayoral staff ranks, the mayoral candidate arrested outside Ed Jew's "house." SFist Brock, though, was kind enough to leave us one story, though, which is Matier and Ross's reportage of Sunday that someone sent a vewwwy vewwy mean ol' postcard mailer out about Gavin Newsom's record (pictured above). And no one's even running against him!

Both GavinWatch and Gavin Sucks (warning: site plays music) have both disavowed responsibility. GavinWatch says they have better design values, and Gavin Sucks told GavinWatch that it wasn't them either.

We're not sure if we're relieved or slightly hurt that wasn't listed as a possible perpetrator of this postal prank -- but hey! It wasn't us either. We totally would have made this Jayne Mansfield reference again if it was.