And next up, the Bay Guardian: Tim Redmond and the Guardian editorial board go in with both fists swinging about Newsom's latest two begging-from-the-rich schemes. Yeah! We love it!! Guess that banner about no condos on Valencia didn't work. Angry letter to Annalee Newitz from an no-animal-testing activist about anthropomorphizing animals. That mayoral candidate Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai was sentenced to 116 days in jail for "explosive outbursts of anger and paranoia?" Cover article: Stories you didn't hear about (it's all about how much Bush sucks). Also, local stories you didn't hear about, like (drumrolll....) public power. Gosh, you know what we need? A local paper that talks about public power ! (We kid because we love, SFBG!) Steven Jones files a report from his very favoritest place on earth, the playa, about why Chicken John thinks it was cool that Paul Addis burned the man early. Cruisin' comes out on DVD -- good for the gays, or bad for the gays? Treasure Island Music Fest! Fun transplanted SoCal surf punkers. Dances about samurai obsessions. Eating in Cow Hollow and the Marina. And the new Johnnie To Macau mobster movie is good.

After the jump: the East Bay Express and the SF Weekly, along with the Weekly of the Week and the YTD count. Also -- our favorite of the Matt Smith graphic art panels on Gavin Newsom, which we've borrowed from the SF Weekly (hope that's okay! let us know if not.)

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