When we began our daunting, three-month-long apartment hunt this past June, we soon discovered that the competition for affordable one-bedrooms suitable for two people was fierce. We needed to find an abode before our impending marriage at the end of September, but after spurts of fruitless open houses throughout the summer, we feared we were doomed to walk through our separate "thresholds" post-matrimony, with our various roommates lurking down the hall.

So, last week, after some wise advice to put our needs "out there," we posted a "housing wanted" ad on craigslist (link has expired), along with hundreds of other desperate apartment-hunters. An hour later, we received an email from a producer at CBS5 wanting to interview us about our plight (we never did receive anything from prospective landlords though).

That same day, we also scheduled an appointment to see a rather promising apartment the next morning, which preceded our CBS5 interview later that afternoon. We came away from the apartment-viewing very excited -- the apartment was ours once our references and credit checked out. We kind of had a feeling things would go down that way.

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