Seeing as how the Summer of Love was the single most important event in the history of time and space, we thought it would be delightful of us to review a smattering of Summer of Love anniversary reviews for you. In no particular order, discover the music, elderly genitalia, and abundance of ATMs you missed.

-- Beyond Chron: Goes into detail about that guy who sang that anti-Vietnam war song prefaced by a spelling lesson on the dirtiest of dirty words? Or something like that? Also, didn't like the overwhelming vendors and automated tellers.

-- Bluoz: MP3s of all of the SoL Anniversary performers from the New Riders of the Purple Sage to Jefferson Starship Airplane.

-- CurbedSF: No SoL anniversary review, thus: Communists.

-- SF Civic Center: Describes event as "perfectly charming," publishes senior citizen cock shot, shows someone sporting a tie-dye t-shirt while holding what appears to be a marijuana smoking device. Daring. But not really.

-- SF Gate: More desexualizing, but far less horrifying, senior citizen skin shots; more mobile device hate.

-- Left In SF: Lots of colorful parasols, evidence of non-Caucasian types in attendance.