Bad series of news items for the SFPD -- the rookie cop who accidentally shot himself at a party earlier this month when trying to demonstrate tips on gun safety was legally drunk (just barely), that cop, Jesse Serna, who keeps (allegedly) beating up people like Barry Bonds' trainer and Willie Brown's friends in North Beach just got the city sued again, this time for beating up a doctor starting his residency at Harvard (whose case was previously profiled by the Chron.)

Ommmmmmmm-igosh! A lady accidentally set her Sausalito house on fire while meditating. Well, she had lit all the candles to meditate, then left the house, and came back and the living room was on fire.

And HEY!!! You know we love the LOLCAT hilarity of perennial commenter-of-the-week KWillets, right? Well, he's on ABC 7!!! As you guys may know, KWillets has been running a camera outside his house to monitor criminal activities in the housing project across the street. Well, last night, the camera caught a guy mugging a woman (a tourist). KWillets turned in the footage and the SFPD (gasp!) made an arrest. Yay!!! We love it when SFist readers get in the news!!!! Plus: KWillets is a hero. Watch the clip here.

It's KWillets!!!! We're so proud!!!!