We're not even really sure what to make of this article on the front page of today's Chronicle. Apparently Gavin Newsom has now so given up on being able to fix the city's public housing himself that he's now thinking maybe he'll take rich people around and see if they'll donate some money to spruce it up. What is this, Swells meets Chris Daly?

We're all for philanthropy, but honestly, shouldn't the city be run on a budget where we can meet our own responsibilities without having to have rich people bail us out? Either get the tax increases to do your job or make the necessary cuts in your budget, Mayor Newsom -- this is like trustafarians running home to Mommy and Daddy when the cost of coffee goes up 15 cents at Ritual Roasters.

Side note: apparently this all got started when Newsom got upset with his staff for letting a playground donated by the Dave Matthews Band get vandalized twice. Dave Matthews should've donated a public bathroom instead.