Today, we really enjoyed an interview of Chronicle Executive Editor Phil Bronstein by Julie Haire, an L.A.-based freelance writer, that was published on MediaBistro.

And, yes, we confess, part of that enjoyment was due to multiple references to SFist -- these pieces in particular, we think (though we wish MB had provided direct links). Actually, the fact that our community was referenced ("And that was another thing in the article. A lot of people felt you weren't doing enough local coverage") really impressed us -- it's very cool that people in the media are taking serious note of blog discussions. About that interview with us, Bronstein told Haire:

"You enter the blog world today, especially as an editor and probably particularly me because I have a slightly more unusual history than some, and you're just asking for it. And I knew that."

We knew it too, and we respect him for it. Whatever folks may think about how he runs the paper, the man certainly is not afraid to put himself out there and face the public and his critics.

In any case, click over to read Phil's thoughts on you guys, on Bruce Bruggman, on the Chron's recent staff reductions, the importance of staff diversity, and some of Phil's history as a war correspondent.