Firings! Lies! Non-lies! It's so fucking exciting!

A few hours after our post last week about Jeff's cameras in the THC's Seneca Hotel, we caught word of some firings. OMG did we get someone canned? Well, no. As it turns out, two folks were terminated at a different property (here's the job posting for their replacements), but it wasn't related to the cameras. Whatever the real reasons are for the firings, they cannot possibly live up the wildly salacious rumors floating around about them. Alas, we can't verify any of the SHOCKING gossip, so we'll have to leave it to your fevered imaginations to speculate wildly in the comments. If there's a lesson here, it's probably that when so many of your staffers are former clients, the rumors about them are bound to have a messy foundation.

So what's going on with the cameras? When last we checked in, the THC said that the city attorney told them the cameras were illegal; and then the city attorney said, "no we didn't." OMGZ! The THC are such LIARS!

Well, actually, no. It was just a case of different city lawyers giving different advice without consulting with each other. Jeff told us that the city's latest story is that his cameras ARE illegal: they are revealing the identity of welfare recipients, which is apparently against the law because God forbid taxpayers see all the drug dealing that they're paying for.

But wait. Is Jeff revealing the identity of welfare recipients? Jeff doesn't know for sure who's getting public assistance and who isn't. Only the city and the THC staff know for sure which residents are on welfare; so if anyone's revealing identities, isn't it them? What is Jeff revealing that you couldn't see from just glancing in the windows? We can point at a girl on the bus and say "I bet she's got the clap," but unless we're her doctor (we're not), the accusation is only credible if you're the kind of Gullible Gus who believes everything he hears.

Oh and PS, the THC has security cameras of their own. Of course, they don't put the footage up on YouTube ... which we think is a damn shame.