Let's talk about rebuilding in honor of Matt Cain actually winning a game...

Giants: With the Barry Circus over, everyone is now moving onto what to do about next year. What? Like people want keep on debating about whether to play Klesko or Aurillia at first. McCovey Chronicles broke it down and came up with the conclusion that, essentially, it's none too pretty. There's not much in the way of money to completely rebuild, there are too many old fogies signed for next year, and the farm system is still stocked with a bunch of guys who make perfect bench warmers. On KNBR, the discussion seems to be that the Giants have two options next year: go for broke and go after the Rod or bring in one or two medium-sized boppers and retool emphasizing pitching, speed, and defense. The pitching, speed, and defense thing might work, actually, as the new kids on the team have speed and are good defensively, Rajai Davis in particular. They already have pitching so it's just a matter of bringing in one or two mildly pricey guys who are good at making contact and who can help grease the wheels for all that speed. It also makes sense because baseball wisdom goes that teams should build around what works in their home stadium and Outrageous Surcharges Stadium befits a team built around speed, defense and pitching. The only reason why the team hasn’t done it is because a certain left fielder keeps on being the very big exception to the rule. In fact, one has to wonder just how many homers he could have hit if he played in a normal stadium

And speaking of Barry Lamar, neither McCovey Chronicles nor KNBR mentioned Bonds in that equation. We think most people are now agreed that we are so over him.

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