-- Paranoia, feeding faux stories, and NYT's Laura Albert (AKA Miss Leroy) article. Depressing is right, Rita. [CultureBlog]

-- Newsom defends Halloween shutdown. [BAR]

-- San Francisco's other (but not nearly as stellar!) Matty. [BeyondChron]

-- Pssst. We heard a rumor that the Bay Bridge will close during Labor Day Weekend. Pass it around. [511]

-- Mandy Moore at the Fillmore. Eeeeeeeeee! [SF Weekly]

-- SFBG's political art of the week. (Yay, Kool-Aid guy!) [SFBG]

-- Hepatitis A boost at Jamba Juice. Oh, what fun! [SJ Merc]

-- Giants clobber Cubs. [Chron, via AP]

Image: Danielle Levitt